Jay S. Siegel
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Expertise in Labor, Workplace
and Employment Issues
Experience in the Arbitration Process

Jay S. Siegel, Arbitrator in New England

Jay S. Siegel is well known as a New England independent neutral arbitrator for the past 20 years in a wide range of issues in the labor relations, employment and workplace law fields. His cases have involved labor unions, and state and local government entities, together with firms in the education and health care sectors of the economy as well as companies and businesses in established manufacturing and fast growing technology areas. In workplace and employment cases he has dealt with termination related areas such as discrimination claims and executive separation issues in addition to pension and other benefit plan disputes.

He currently serves as an active member of the American Arbitration Association's Labor-Management Panel; the American Arbitration Association's National Employment Arbitration panel; the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Human Resources Arbitration Panel and the Labor Relations Connection. He also accepts cases on an individual mutually designated basis from parties to disputes within his area of expertise.

A former national chairman of the Section of Labor and Employment Law of the American Bar Association he is a member of the Labor & Employment Law Section of the Boston Bar Association as well as the Massachusetts Bar Association. He has recently been appointed by Mass. Gov. Baker as a neutral at large member on the Governor's Labor Relations Advisory Council.

Previously, to becoming an arbitrator he was a successful and recognized attorney practicing labor relations and employment law exclusively involving arbitration, mediation, collective bargaining as well as NLRB, FLSA and other related court trial and appellate litigation.

After leaving the law practice Mr. Siegel taught dispute resolution process and skills (negotiations, mediation and arbitration) in the regular curriculum at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Public Policy as well as a course in labor-management relations in the public sector.

Education: J.D. Jurisprudence/Law, New York University; B.A. Political Science

Individual Contact Information: 1731 Beacon Street, (Suite 708) Brookline, MA 02445
Phone: 617-834-8392 Email: jsiegeladr@aol.com

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